The life of a tree continues on.

Around 4 years ago a huge pecan tree that sat next to a cattle pond in Wagoner Ok was uprooted by a small tornado or straight line winds. The expose roots were over 7 foot tall with the tree laying on the ground and the hole that was left you could fit a small car in.

It sat for a year before my uncle led me to it. My 20" bar on my chainsaw had no chance of taking any of the main trunk (60+ inch diameter) so everything I got was from the first crotch up. Every pecan piece I have had on our website and social media has come from this tree.

I had saved the biggest section for large bowls on a larger lathe I hoped to have someday. I watched turkey tail fungi grow on this section each spring so I knew there would be nice spalting inside.

Today was the day another part of this tree will live on as heirloom wooden bowls for some family I meet in the future.

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