Blue Dome Arts Festival and last year's rocky start.

We just had our first festival of the year two weeks ago at the Tulsa Garden Center. Now it's time to get ready for our favorite of the year Blue Dome Arts Festival in the Bluedome District of downtown Tulsa, OK, This is our third year, and each year has been better than the last as I gain experience with selling at art festivals. I have locally sourced wood coming out of the kiln to start making some beautiful pieces from. I will have a lot of wood bowls, vases, kitchenware, clocks, and okie wall art, along with some new products this year made with wood and epoxy resin. As usual I have incorporated real turquoise into a lot of my work.

Last year we set up on a Thursday with Friday being opening day. Thursday night about

9:45 we received an email from the organizer saying all vendors should get down to the event to further secure our tents. I am lucky enough to be just a few minutes away with Home Depot on the way there. I got dirty looks from the staff as I went in minutes before they closed to pick up zip ties and cinder blocks. I already had 120 pounds in anchors on my tent but knew the storm rolling in was severe. I got to the festival before the winds hit and added 8 cinder blocks to the setup and felt that was all I could really do.

As I was talking to another vendor the rain started followed by very strong winds. I noticed the organizers and staff of Arnie’s Bar rushing around to try and secure other vendors tents so I joined them to do whatever I could. The winds became so strong the temporary road closed signs that were heavily weighted began sliding down the street and crashing into everything in their path. Many tents were destroyed including some large professionally anchored tents. Luckily no one was injured in the mayhem.

My Trimline 10x10 tent was able to withstand up to 60+ mph winds that were funneled between the tall buildings of downtown Tulsa and survived the night. I was also fortunate no other tents or objects caused any damage to us and no merchandise was lost.

We had a few sales early on Friday before it started pouring rain, within minutes we had a rushing river flowing along the curb in the back of our tent. It was an interesting start for the festival.

Saturday and Sunday brought beautiful weather and the streets were packed with with people enjoying the beer, music and of course all the art produced by over 250 local vendors.

If you are near Tulsa Oklahoma on May 18th - May 20th 2018 this is a wonderful event for people of all ages and we are honored to be apart of it again. Lets hope we get a calm dry weekend this year.



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