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I spent many years as the lead designer for a paint company after graduating with my Interior Design degree. While all of my knowledge of AutoCAD, codes, materials, lighting, flooring, etc were never fully utilized as a lead designer for a paint company, I will say that I never had more fun playing with color. Each year that passed brought a new "color of the year" into people's lives and started a whole yearly (or at least six month) trend of everything "that color." I never realized, at the time, that it wasn't just my paint company that had a color of the year. It was every paint company that had their own colors, and there were even "official" colors of the year from larger organizations that decide stuff like that. How fun!

As 2017 quickly approaches I find myself browsing the colors to see which ones I personally like best and thought, "Hey, why not make a post about different colors of the year?" So, without further ado, here are the 2017 "color of the year" winners as I came upon them. Each month, next year, I plan to dive deeper into each color and give complementary colors and suggestions for design usage - so stay tuned and keep checking back!

Pantone - "Greenery" 15-0343

Sherwin-Williams - "Poised Taupe" SW6039

Benjamin Moore - "Shadow" 2117-30

Kelly Moore - "Kettleman" KM5818

Glidden - "Byzantine Blue" 50BB 32/117

Olympic - "Cloudberry" OL677.3

Dunn-Edwards - "Honey Glow" DE5354

Valspar - "Crushed Oregano" 6007-6C

Farrow & Ball - "Peignoir" 286

Behr - "Wanderlust" T17-12

HGTV Home - "Useful Gray" SW7050

PPG - "Violet Verbena" PPG1169-5

*Please remember* - and now the paint store girl is going to come out of me for a minute:

The color that you see on your computer screen is almost definitely always going to look differently, even if only minutely, on your wall (and in your lighting) than it does on the screen. Please, even if it seems pointless, always invest in a couple of samples of the colors you're interested in and try them out on your wall before you spend the money to buy the final paint. You'll thank yourself in the end. Also your painter and/or designer, if you hire them, will thank you as well.

Additionally, each paint store has their own tinting system and one paint company's paint numbers (or tinting fractions) do not work the same (tint the paint the same) as another company's. To save yourself (and the the employee helping you) a big, unnecessary headache, always bring a paint chip to the company to match for you (if you're not getting the paint from the company that offers the color). Or if you just want something close than browse that paint company's paint chips for the color that best matches the "color of the year" you're looking for.

For our graphic design, architecture, and designer readers: simply having the RGB or HEX numbers for a color will not help the employee tinting your paint. Paint companies tinting systems do not work in the same ways that typical computers do and therefore those numbers (which measure pixel colors on computers) will not create a paint color for you. The More You Know... *rainbow* :)

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