Wood Species~Ash

Dimensions~8.75" x 8.5" x 3.75" at its tallest point.


Charred with fire and sealed on the outside. Dyed red on the inside. Featuring natural insect voids.


Shipping to the US is included in the price, Please contact us for a shipping quote if you are outside of the US.


Hand turned on my lathe from fresh cut wood (green wood).


Bowls are turned to a rough shape then sealed with wax to slow the drying process to avoid cracks. They are then air dried for up to a year. When moisture content reaches 11% or less the bowls are returned on the lathe to final dimensions, hand sanded up to 600 grit and then finished with a food safe mixture of mineral and coconut oils blended with beeswax.

Burned and Dyed Live Edge Ash Wood Bowl